Multisensory trip around the Amalfi Coast!

10 Nights

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Maiori - Sorrento - Naples

Experience a multisensory journey through the local cuisine and traditions and let you carry away by the breath-taking landscapes of the Amalfi Coast! No matter how many sensational stories you have heard about Italy, no feeling can compare to the one you have when experiencing the country of La Dolce Vita! The magic of Italy will immediately conquer you! To follow, experience the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence. This city's incredible plazas and cathedrals never disappoint. Finish off your trip in the breath-taking Amalfi Coast, with a charming gem of Positano.

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Trip Highlights


VIP Lemon Tour​

Amalfi by Kayak​


VIP Wine Tasting​

Professional Pizza making class​

Capri boat tour​


VIP Pompei Tour

VIP Naples walking food tour

Detailed Itinerary

Maiori: 4 Nights

Arrival in Italy

Day 1

As you land, our VIP transfer will be waiting for you to drive you to your hotel in the Amalfi Coast! Take in breath-taking views of the coast! This magnificent stretch of coastline is worldwide renowned for its extraordinary beauty and its iconic medieval cliff side Mediterranean fishing villages. Welcome to the authentic gem of Maiori!

Explore the Maiori lemon groves

Day 2

Immerse into the fragrance of the Amalfi Coast with our VIP guided Lemon Tour! Experience a multisensory walk through the lemon groves: enter the paradise where the Sfusato Amalfitano is born, discover all the productions phases and chat with the local farmers, to discover secrets of the ancient traditional cultivation process and interesting anecdotes of their past! This journey will end with a magnificent tasting of the local products.

VIP Lemon Tour

Imagine to admire the Amalfi Coast from the top of those mountains where you have always seen it embedded in photography. Think of being able to walk those terraces that the peasants’ work has carved over the centuries making it unique in the world, and discover everything about the Sfusato amalfitano, the most famous Amalfi lemon, arrived centuries ago from the East, which now boasts the recognition of European Protected Geographical Indication. Feel the breeze of the wind on your skin, the coolness of lemon groves which protect you from the splendid sun of the southern Italy. Experience the true essence of this magical land with our guided lemon tour!
During this fascinating journey, you will have the possibility to speak with inhabitants and workers in love with this land, that for six generations with passion and dedication they cultivate, protect and enhance the treasure of the Amalfi Coast!
While walking through lemon groves you will have the chance to admire the farmers at work and visiting laboratories where you can discover the secrets of preparation of typical products such as the famous elixir “limoncello”, lemon jam and honey of our bees.  This journey will end with a magnificent tasting of the local products.

Amalfi coast by sea

Day 3

The Amalfi Coast is too beautiful to simply admire from the land. To really experience this region experience our kayak tour around the coast! Admire hidden coves, caves and unique beaches you would never get to see! 

Amalfi by Kayak

The route will take us along Amalfi’s finest beaches as well as close to natural rock arches and into sea caves, giving you the opportunity to admire the old watch towers that dot the entire length of this coast. Not too far from the starting point, once passed Duoglio and Santa Croce beaches, we will kayak by the “Arc of Lovers”, a natural rock arch created millions of years ago by the erosion of the sea whose shape recalls two elephants in the act of kissing.
Once past the seaside of Conca dei Marini we will enter its western basin, where you will be amazed by a paradisiacal environment: the magnificent Fjord of Furore on the right side and the islands of Li Galli and Capri, together with the famous Faraglioni Rocks on your left

Leisure day

Day 4

Today is a full day at leisure to explore the are at your own peace! Visit Ravello and experience the beautiful Villa Cimbrone with its Terrace of Infinity  and the magnificent Villa Rufolo. Visit the picturesque hamlets of Cetara and Vietri, Enjoy a quiet day in the serene town of Atrani, far away from the hustle and bustle of the larger villages. Explore the Fiordo di Furore, Italy’s only fjord or enjoy nature in the Ferriere Valley Nature Reserve, famous for its postcard-perfect fishing villages and striking countryside crisscrossed with hiking trail.

Sorrento: 4 Nights

Experience Sorrento

Day 5

It’s time to say goodbye to Maiori and get ready for your new destination: Sorrento.

On your way we will stop in one of the most historical local wineries for a very unique Wine Tasting with a Gourmet 4 course meal, to fully immerse into very exclusive flavours of the local cuisine.

VIP Wine Tasting

Tour the vineyard of one of Italy’s most renowned wineries of the Campagnia Region and learn about the traditional techniques and dedication to excellence which has earned this exclusive Winery both national and international recognition. While walking through the vineyards, admire the breath-taking landscape surrounding you: the magnificent Amalfi Coast opens in front of you!

Visit the ancient wine cellar carved into the rocks and experience an exclusive Gourmet Four Course Menu paired with top notch wines!

Become a Pizzaiolo

Day 6

Today you will discover the secrets hidden the authentic Italian Pizza! Become a pizzaiolo for a day!

Immerse your hand into the pasta dough spend the day learning how to make the perfect pizza guided by a professional Italian chef and enjoy your authentic Italian Pizza, paired with local wine and a shot or refreshing Limoncello!

Professional Pizza making class

Discover the secrets of traditional Italian pizza making with an authentic “pizzaiolo”. Learn how to select the best ingredients, deep your hands into the pizza dough and then be guided through the entire pizza-making process from start to wood-firing finish. You’ll taste your own creation as well as sampling slices from a variety of different pizzas ending with a flavoured shot of local Limoncello! Once back home you are ready to impressed your friends with a very authentic Italian Pizza Party!

Explore Capri by sea

Day 7

Get ready for our exciting Capri Boat Tour, widely known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean“.

Experience our idyllic boat tour around the island of Capri. Visit the natural beauties of the area, such as the iconic Faraglioni Rocks, natural caves like the Blue Grotto and the Natural Arch and enjoy plenty of time relaxing in the sun or snorkelling into the crystalline sea!

Capri boat tour

A full-day boat excursion to the glorious island of Capri.

Known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”, Capri is a revered holiday resort with quaint alleyways and boutique stores that you can discover with free time on the island. You will then be treated to a boat tour around the island, which features Salto di Tiberio, the Faraglioni, the Blue Grotto, numerous hidden sea caves and the Punta Carena Lighthouse. There will be several stops for swimming or snorkelling, and there will also be the opportunity to relax on the boat to absorb the beautiful scenery.

Explore the San Renato street market

Day 8

Today is a free day to explore the city. Deeply immerse into the authentic daily life strolling through the colourful Via San Renato street market, a weekly open-air market for everything from clothes to household items, to fresh produce and delicious cheeses. Enjoy a delightful lunch in Marina Grande Beach, Sorrento’s fishing village, famous for its seafood restaurants and relax on the volcanic sandy beach!

Naples: 2 Nights


Day 9

Our VIP transfer is waiting for you at your Hotel to drive you to the last destination of your voyage: Naples! On your way we will stop in Pompei, where you will experience our VIP exclusive guide tour of the ghost town, completely buried by the Vesuvius Vulcano eruption!

VIP Pompei Tour

Journey back in time to 79 AD on this fascinating sightseeing tour to the lost town of Pompeii.

Pompeii is a historic settlement that was lost for nearly 1500 years beneath a blanket of ash following an ancient volcanic eruption. The ash served to preserve everything in the town from its buildings and materials to its residents and so yields a unique and fascinating glimpse back to ancient times. On this excursion you will be treated to a guided walking tour of the main monuments and homes with an expert guide, who will tell you all about the town’s history, including details of the famous volcanic eruption that destroyed the city

Naples food tour

Day 10

Experience a multisensory journey through Naples culinary traditions with our VIP Food walking Tour. Stroll though the tiny streets of the historical centre, taste as you walk delicious local bites, from the masterpiece of the local street food, the typical Cuoppo, a mix of deep fried food, where the abundance of different delicacies mingle to produce a flavour sensation, to the fried pizza, baccala, baba, sfogliatella.

VIP Naples walking food tour

Enjoy this pleasant walk through the history and the traditions of Naples while you taste the best of what this city offers! Immerse into the culinary heritage!

Visit the Spaccanapoli area (a complex of streets that split the city in two) and enjoy the art of street food flavours. During your guided walking tour, taste typical Neapolitan street food, starting from the masterpiece, the Cuoppo, going through the pizza a portafoglio (a small pizza Margherita folded like a wallet), panzarotto (a fried potato with mozzarella cheese) or frittatina (a sort of little omelette with sauce, peas and pasta). In Naples, the street food is a culinary art!  After the salty bites, get ready for delightful desserts, such as sfogliatella (a sweetie with ricotta cheese, candied fruit and semolina) and babà (the famous sweetie with rum and, sometimes, chocolate and panna) accompanied by the inimitable Neapolitan espresso (the real coffee)!

Ciao Italy!

Goodbye Italy

Private transfer and return flights

You have reached the last day of your memorable Tour!
With a luggage full of magnificent unforgettable emotions, you are now sitting on your flight back to your home country. You will treasure an ever-lasting fabulous memory of your fantastic tour!

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