A magical triumph of Food delicacies and Culture!

10 Nights

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Bologna - Mantova - Bergamo- Milan

Experience a multisensory journey though the Italian culinary traditions: welcome in the kingdom of Parmesan, Balsamic Vinegar, Lasagne and home-made Tortellini! Deep your hand into the Pasta dough and learn how to prepare home made Pasta with our exciting cooking class in the hearth of Bologna; discover the Balsamic Vinegar World with the visit of the most ancient a Vinegar Factory and experience very unique hidden Gems of Mantova, the Unesco World Heritage Site of Sabbioneta and the charming old town of Bergamo!

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Trip Highlights


VIP Bologna food walking tour

Cooking class in Bologna​


VIP day trip to balsamic vinegar factory​

VIP ham and parmesan tour​


VIP Bergamo Alta tour

Private tour of Tuscany, San Gimignano and Siena​


VIP Leonardo Da Vinci tour

Tour Milan's happy hour culture

Detailed Itinerary

Bologna: 4 Nights

Arrival in Italy

Day 1

Welcome to Bologna, the capital of Ragu, Tortellini and Home-made Lasagne!

As you land our VIP transfer will be waiting for you to drive you to your Hotel, right in the hearth of the historical centre. Set in and relax and get ready for a fantastic Food walking tour though local culinary traditions. it could never exist a better spot where to ends your day than at Osteria Del Sole! This is a very “out off the beaten path” wine bar, known just by locals! Sit down along the long tables, bring your own food, and enjoy amazing local wine in a very lively atmosphere!

VIP Bologna food walking tour

Learn about the history, culture, architecture, that make Bologna medieval market so unique. During our VIP tour you will enjoy a variety of food specialties that has secured Bologna’s reputation as being the foodie capital of Italy and visit the most famous sites. This tour is a perfect combination of history, art and culinary traditions! Discover the secrets to having the ultimate food and cultural experience off the beaten path! While exploring wide and narrow alleys in the maze of the Bologna Medieval Market, you will literally taste Bologna’s essence, touring hidden food gems that we have carefully selected to give you an authentic local experience. The tour is led by our expert local guide, that will unveil ancient secrets and stories that will give insights of Bologna’s traditions and culture. During this lovely walking tour, of course, you can’t miss a magnificent stop by “Osteria del Sole”: this is a secret meeting point where all the local people gather! In this fabulous Osteria they serve only amazing local wine and everyone is free to bring in food! Take a sit in one of the long wooden tables and share your experience with local people! A unique priceless experience!

The Secrets of Bologna

Day 2

Learn the secrets behind traditional recipes from Bologna during our exciting cooking class, complete with a local market visit. Get tips for selecting the best ingredients at the market and then settle into our chef’s home in the Bologna city center, prepare a delicious meal and enjoy your own creations alongside a selection of very good local wines!

Cooking class in Bologna

Visit the central food market with our local chef, before learning tips and techniques to make a full Italian meal that you can recreate at home.

Strolling through the local market, met the butchers, bakers, and farmers selling their vegetables. Head then to the private house of our local chef: deep your hands into fresh tagliatelle pasta dough and immerse yourself into the magic of the Bolognese cuisine!

Italian Balsamic Experience

Day 3

Immerse into the balsamic vinegar world with our VIP day trip to the most historical Vinegar Factory. Learn the traditional Vinegar making process and experience an exclusive guided balsamic vinegar tasting! In the afternoon you will have free time to experience at your own leisure the historical centre of Modena.

VIP day trip to balsamic vinegar factory

Discover the quaint charm of the Cinque Terre fishing villages on this private hiking tour, allowing you to take in the rugged beauty of the Italian Riviera (train and boat tickets included).

This private walking tour is the perfect way to explore the ancient fishing villages that make up the Cinque Terre and gives you the chance to witness the coastline’s rugged beauty, including its tranquil vineyards and historic settlements. As a private VIP experience, this tour can be customised to your needs. Your guide will first explain the history of this charming village and will then take you to a special vantage point, from where you can take in glorious views of the harbour, as well as Via dell’Amore. You will then walk in the direction of Manarola while your expert guide explains the region’s tradition of wine making and points out charming attractions, such as the villages of Groppo and Volastra.

VIP Parmesan tour

Day 4

When you think about Italy, you can’t definitely forget one of the most important cheese: the worldwide famous Parmesan! Experience a VIP guided tour of one of the most historical parmesan factories followed by a fascinating journey through the Parma Ham!

VIP ham and parmesan tour

The Italian cuisine could never exist without two fundamental ingredients: Parma Ham and Parmesan!
Today you will be treat with a VIP tour to discover the secret world of Parma!
Taste the traditional flavours of Emilia Romagna with this all-day food tour. Go to the source of Parma ham and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and learn about how these exceptional products are made. First, stop at the Parmigiano Reggiano PDO production factory. Discover how milk is processed and transformed into Parmigiano Reggiano PDO. Find out why this extraordinary cheese can be preserved for years and why its quality improves over time without any chemical additives. Learn how to distinguish between cheese of different ageing thanks to a guided tasting. Continue to the Parma Ham PDO production factory. See the production phases of this renowned kind of cold cut. Start from the meat processing and lose yourself in a journey of flavors until the tasting of the final product. End your tour with a tasting of Parma ham and savor its sweetness and unique flavor.

Mantova: 2 Nights

VIP Private Tour of Mantova

Day 5

Welcome to Mantova, a tiny medieval city that punches way above its weight in history, architectural splendor, and delicious cuisine. Considered one of the main artistic and cultural hubs in Northern Italy, its “Centro Storico”, the historical city center. Today you will experience a VIP guided tour of the city, to discover the hidden gems of this secret town!

VIP Mantova tour

Get ready for a fantastic VIP exclusive walking tour to discover the hidden gems of this secret town!
Our expert local guide will walk you through the narrow streets to experience the authentic local life.
First stop will be the Palazzo Ducale, Gonzagas primary residence. As big as seven football fields, the massive castle has over 500 rooms, many of which are open to the public. Be sure to see the Camera degli Sposi, or Wedding Room, painted by Mantegna.

Officially Mantua’s historical city center, Piazza Sordello, our next stop, is the oldest square in the city. It’s likely that the piazza was the center of the original Etruscan town the city was built upon. However it’s current beauty comes from, you guessed it, the  Gonzagas, who redesigned its layout and created its most dominant buildings. Here you’ll find the Palazzo Ducale, the city’s Duomo as well as the Torre della Gabbia, a tower with a cage still dangling from it where criminals and delinquents were once held. Another fun fact: the piazza is dedicated to the poet Sordello da Goito who was cited by Dante in the Divine Comedy.

During this unique tour you can’t miss the magnificent Palazzo del Te. Be sure to visit the famous Room of the Giants, which sports a stunning fresco representing the battle between the giants who attempted to ascend to Olympia and overthrow Zeus. Last but not the least the fantastic stops by the Astronomical Clock Tower and the Teatro Bibiena.

Sabbioneta, an Unmissable UNESCO Heritage Site

Day 6

Experience our VIP day trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sabbioneta a small, well-preserved town built by, of course, a Gonzaga as a fortress and residence and enjoy the traditional Home-made Pumking Tortellini in a family-owned local trattoria!

VIP tour of Sabbioneta​

UNESCO considers the town a “perfect example of Renaissance urban planning”.  Protected by its ancient city walls, which are still in good condition to this day, the town of Sabbioneta is home to some wonderful examples of late-Renaissance architecture and paintings. It was built in the second half of the 15th century, designed by Vespasiano Gonzaga, the patron of the city. A military man but also a lover of literature, architecture and the classics, he radically transformed Sabbioneta into a “little Athens“, using it as a sophisticated architectural experiment inspired by classic principles and based on the concept of the “ideal city“.
Our VIP exclusive guide will show you the town’s Ducal Palace, the gorgeous Teatro all’antica and the beautiful rooms and gardens of the Palazzo Giardino.
We could never forget a magnificent foodie stop for lunch to enjoy some of the region’s most delicious local dishes as Pumking Tortelli and Polenta con cotechino and lenticchie!

Bergamo: 2 Nights

Tour Bergamo Alto

Day 7

It’s time to say goodbye to Mantova and get ready for another hidden gem: Bergamo Alta. In the afternoon, experience our VIP guided tour of the main sights shining along the historical centre with a stop by a renowned local patisserie where to experience the famous local delicatessen: Polenta e Osei!

VIP Bergamo Alta tour

Reach Bergamo Alta with an ancient funicular, crossing the Venetian walls of the ‘400 on board of one of the two carriages and enjoying a spectacular view! Stroll through the tiny streets of the historical centre and discover with our VIP tour guide the history of this charming hamlet. You will be amazed by the beautiful Piazza Vecchia, where you can find Palazzo della Ragione and the Civic tower, called “Campanone”. Piazza Duomo hosts the Cathedral, Colleoni Chapel, dedicated to the most famous condottiero from Bergamo during the Reinaissance and, of course, the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, a real pearl of the city.
Piazza della Cittadella, wanted by the Lords of Milan, Visconti, in 1300, hosts the Archeological and Natural Sciences Museum. Once you arrive in Colle Aperti, besides tasting stracciatella gelato right where it was invented in the historical “La Marianna”, you will climb 141 steps and you’ll find yourself in front of the Lorenzo Rota botanical garden. A  corner of paradise far away from the traffic and the noise, where there are 1200 different taxonomic units.

during our VIP guided tour, you will discover the most spectacular spots of this secret town. The ancient fortress is the perfect place to stop and take a look at the view from Castello San Vigilio, the highest place in Bergamo. You can’t leave Bergamo Alta without trying one of the fantastic local delicatessens: Polenta e Osei, a fabulous home-made local dessert! I am sure you will love it! 

Leisure Day in Bergamo

Day 8

Today you will have a full day at leisure to wonder around the centre! in the afternoon we recommend a shopping tour at the Oriocenter Mall!

Milan: 2 Nights

Explore Leonardo Da Vinci's Milan

Day 9

As a final culture stop of your tour, you can’t definitely miss, the so called, modern Italian capital: welcome to Milan! Follow the footstep of Leonardo Da Vinci with our VIP walking tour, inclusive of the exclusive guided tour of the masterpiece “Last Supper”.

VIP Leonardo Da Vinci tour

Follow Leonardo da Vinci’s steps in the city with a guided walking tour allowing you to discover all the secrets behind The Last Supper and the Codex Atlanticus.

On our tour of Leonardo da Vinci we will immerse you in the cultural climate in which he lived and worked in order for you to fully understand his artistic choices.

There is no better place to start than at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, a treasure chest that displays the Portrait of a Musician and the Atlantic Codex by Leonardo da Vinci. The Codex is a stunning collection of studies and drawings that gives the measure of Leonardo’s genius. He was a man curious about everything and for whom no aspect of reality was indifferent.

As we continue on we find Leonardo’s unmistakable personality is also present in the Sala delle Asse of the Castello Sforzesco, where his boundless curiosity for reality becomes evident.

Another stop on the discovery of Leonardo’s Milan is at Santa Maria delle Grazie, a Renaissance jewel where he worked closely with another artistic genius, Donato Bramante.

Happy hour in Milan

Day 10

Milan is particularly famous for the “Happy Hour Culture”! Feel like a local for a day: stroll through the most lively district of Milan, like S Lorenzo and Navigli, stop with our guide in the most popular bars for locals and enjoy fantastic Campari Spritz and Signature Cocktails!

Tour Milan's happy hour culture

Discover the lively Milanese life and join our VIP happy hour tour! Milan was among the first to spread the culture of happy hour and aperitif, a moment of relax and fun after work. You will join a mouth-watering aperitivo in one of the most vibrant Milan’s night life area, CORSO COMO, where you will enjoy a cosmopolitan atmosphere. You will than reach the charming Navigli District where you will discover with our VIP tour guide the most popular Happy Hours spots for locals and enjoy Campari Spritz and signature cocktails!

Ciao Italy!

Goodbye Italy

Private transfer and return flights

You have reached the last day of your memorable Tour!
With a luggage full of magnificent unforgettable emotions, you are now sitting on your flight back to your home country. You will treasure an ever-lasting fabulous memory of your fantastic tour!

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